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Call for applications 2020: ASEF Fellows - visiting Slovenia

The American Slovenian Education Foundation (ASEF) Junior Fellows program provides fellows with comprehensive support, allowing them to focus on their professional development at Slovenia’s top universities, institutes, and companies. The purpose of the fellowship program is to give talented students of Slovenian heritage an opportunity to grow professionally, while also getting to experience Slovenia, its language and culture. The aim is to strengthen research and study exchange between Slovenia and other countries and help those who have an interest in Slovenian culture and want to realize their potential to the fullest.

The deadline for submitting all application materials is February 1, 2020.

About the Fellowship

The ASEF Junior Fellows Program to Slovenia is a one-year program, which enables students to do a 10-week work/research visit at a university, company, or a research institute in the area of their field of study/expertise. Additionally, during the visit, Junior Fellows engage in activities organized by ASEF Society of Fellows, including research projects and collaborations with other Fellows, participation at the events organized by ASEF, leadership, and career development workshops, and attend regular public lectures and other events organized by ASEF. Further, Junior Fellows are expected to contribute to the Society and give back to the community under the guidance and mentorship of ASEF.

During the fellowship program: Junior Fellows will work with Slovenian professors, mentors at the Slovenian’s top companies and universities on a research project and interact with other members of the professor’s research group as well as other students at the university or company. At the same time, the student will also interact with the Slovenians and Slovenian communities.

After the fellowship program: Junior Fellows are encouraged to continue their research work with their host professor or mentor and form collaborations with other Junior Fellows. Additionally, Junior Fellows to Slovenia are encouraged to spread the word about ASEF in their local Slovenian communities, universities and build long-lasting relationships with Slovenian companies.

Applications are open to full-time students, enrolled in an accredited higher education institution. Knowledge of the Slovenian language and of Slovenia is recommended but not necessary. A typical applicant is a full-time senior undergraduate, masters, or PhD student from the USA, Canada, Argentina or any other country.
All documents (except reference letters) should be submitted by the candidates in the PDF format via the application form below..

 Letters of reference should be submitted by the reference letter writer at the reference submission form below.

 Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until all the fellowships are awarded.

The deadline for submitting the application is February 1, 2020.

If you have questions about the program or the application process, please contact ASEF at info(at)