Botschaft der Republik Slowenien in Berlin /Artist in Residence /Februar 2018, Miha Černec /

Miha Černec, Produzent

Miha Černec was born in 1975 in Ljubljana. He finished primary school in Grosuplje, secondary school in Ivančna gorica. He studied Slavic languages and literature at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. During his studies he wrote reviews and translated. He was one of the founders of the cultural journal Balcanis which covered current events and issues from the countries of former Yugoslavia and was published is several languages. He was member of the editorial board for five years. During this period he became increasingly involved in film production where he is still active today.


2006, Pater Stanislav Škrabec - the Father of Slovene Phonetics
2007, ou Are the Only Boss in This House
2008, I know
2009, Stealing Corn
2010, My, yours, ours
2010, Total gambit
2011, Archeo
2011, Word beyond the view
2012, Hundred dogs
2012, Architect of the Mediterranean
2013, Zoran my idiot nephew
2014, Reconciliation
2014, Life is like a trumpet
2014, Life is like a trumpet
2014, Dancing with Maria
2014, Conversations about Vitomil Zupan
2014, A Fight For
2015, Who are you actually?
2015, Love on the top
2015, Walnut Roll
2015, Stairway
2015, Peter Peter
2016, Who Are You Actually?