Botschaft der Republik Slowenien in Berlin /Artist in Residence /Januar 2018, Simona Hamer /

Simona Hamer, Dramaturgin und Drehbuchautorin

Simona HAMER (1984) is a Slovenian freelance dramaturge and playwright. She co-created more than forty performances, experimental theatre performances and radio plays. Many projects where awarded on several theatre festivals in Slovenia (Maribor Theatre Festival, Week of Slovenian drama, Festival of Performing Arts for Children and Young People) and abroad (BITEF - Belgrade International Theatre Festival, Marulićevi dani – International Theatre festival of Croatian drama, Zlatni lav- International festival Umag). One of the recent awards was the Borštnik Grand Prix for the Best Production on the 52nd Maribor Theatre Festival for the performance Powerlessness (Imaginarni Institute and Mini Theatre Ljubljana). Her involvement in performative stage reading practices and ad hoc performances has culminated in a solo performance A Hammer or a Tweezers? Reflexions on Dramaturgy, for which she won the Audience Award on the 43nd Week of Slovenian drama.

As a playwright she wrote five original plays: Lovebirds, Tick-tock, C-o-u-n-t-i-n-g-r-h-y-m-e-s, Silent Figures and Postcards or Fear is hollow on the inside and empty from the outside and several adaptations and dramatizations. For the play Postcards she won the Slavko Grum Award for best new Slovenian play of 2017. Her plays (with theoretical studies) were published in books (Dramober 2008, Dramober 2009, Zakon – III. branje/The Act, Third Reading, 2011), scientific journals in the field of literature and theatre (Literatura, Teater der Zeit, Sodobnost), theatre programms and have been staged (as readings) in different festivals in Serbia (Sterijino pozorje (Novi Sad), Germany (Neue Stücken aus Europa Wiesbadenn, Germany) and Austria (Dramatiker_innen Festival Graz). Her plays are translated in English, German and Serbian language. She is a member of PreGlej - Slovenian initiative for contemporary playwriting, and has additionally educated herself on playwriting workshops in Slovenia and abroad (Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, Germany, USA). Her last international project is collaboration with Goethe Institute in a two year transatlantic project P3M5 (Plurality of Privacy Project in Five-Minute Plays).

In Berlin residency I will develop my new play that is going to be staged at the SNT Drama Ljubljana. I will continue with my research about the subject that is an inspiration for the play: the historical context of deportation of Germans from Apaško polje (Apače valley is in North-Eastern Slovenia, where the majority population until the WWII were German speaking) during and after the Second World War. Apart from writing the play, researching the Archives, and doing interviews, I want to find new possibilities to present my writings to German (theatre) public.

(Foto: Petra Veber)