Botschaft der Republik Slowenien in Berlin /Artist in Residence /November 2016, Nina Bulatovix /

Post punk trio "Nina Bulatovix"

Gregor Kosi: vocals / Jure Lavrin: drums / Marko Širec: bass guitar

"Nina Bulatovix came together as a rebellious act against the reckless practices of the local administrations concerning Maribor as the European Capital of Culture of 2012 and their plans for renovating Pekarna Cultural Centre. In both cases the attitude towards the importance of underground and alternative culture was overly underestimating and completely unable of comprehension. But Nina rose up to the task of setting things straight with lucid cries of dissatisfaction, relentlessly holding mirror to those empty words and gesticulations, to polluted and narrow minds. June of 2009 marks their first appearance on stage; they performed in Gustaf in Maribor’s Pekarna. By that time, they were already threatened with a lawsuit for defamation.

 The band had a dozen of tracks at their disposal in an instance, they played a few gigs in Slovenia and beyond, and they recorded and physically released their gig in April 2010 at Scena Festival. The raw and energetic recording brings about eight domestic political songs: Svetniki, mestni svetniki (a story of bullshitting, accepting, deciding), Boril se bom kot lev (a story about the lies of decision-makers), 180% (mumbo jumbo about changing society’s course), Ti jaz bom govorila sprehajal (an intimate view into the everyday workings of psychiatry), Duševne bolečine (aka profiteering of lawyers),  Šiki miki (a song about the inefficient voting system), Čolni in pavi (development concepts of urban rurality) and the closer Odločna (what do we do at the end of the day?).

The rhythm section decided to pound the pavement in Ljubljana rather than in Maribor and the rehearsals moved from Pekarna to Metelkova. Marko and Jure got involved in the synth-trash band Napravi mi dete and toured extensively; Marko also remained active with Coma Stereo, which released its third album. Gregor was sure that he ought to do something in the political scene, so he joined the then famed mayor “of revolt”. In the meantime Nina’s musical treasury grew bigger and bigger. Pieces finally fell into place again when the said mayor turned out to be a scam and when Napravi mi dete project fell apart. A new record was in the works.

Album Jate continues with Nina’s war cries against (self-)deception. In May 2014, eleven songs were recorded in two days in a DIY studio placed in Pekarna. Released on KAPA Records, it will include a vinyl and CD release along with the digital “name your price” release. The record was produced, mixed and sound-designed by Marko Lavrin (ex: We Can’t Sleep at Night, Vortex Magnolia, Napravi mi dete)."


Fotos: Nika Hölcl